Thursday, December 20, 2007

Shovel it forward

Friend of NS&S Andreae sends along a link to the Neighbors Project, where you can get Thank You for Shoveling cards. (There are lots of other goodies in the site, like a recommendation against putting up fences on your property.)

I am a reluctant proponent of a shoveling ordinance, because I don't think it's reasonable to expect that one can "encourage" a neighbor to shovel with a friendly request. We need a regulation. (What we really need is funding that will achieve functional parity between roads and sidewalks, but that's not politically likely.)

These Thank You for Shoveling cards, though, approach the problem from a much more positive place, rewarding people who do shovel. Very nice.

Sign up. Get your free cards. Give them out. Earn one yourself.

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gregorrohda said...

I think the signs are a fine idea, and that requiring residents to clear a walking path is an even better idea. but given where we are, I think an impromtu sign that could be placed in the driveways of those houses that have not cleared the sidewalk which read "Please shovel your sidewalk - from: your neighbors" would be an even better approach.