Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Traffic Trials

Today's City Update in the paper TAB has an item on how the city is conducting a test of a new configuration for the troubled Watertown/Lowell/Craft Streets intersection. (The link is to an older article on the intersection. I'll link to today's article if it goes online and I remember.) Today's article notes that the DPW is conducting more and more traffic trials, one of which is the recently completed trial of own Daniel/Jackson Street intersection, which remains standing until permanent construction in the spring.

The expansion of trials is a great development, especially now that the city is using asphalt curbing instead of sand bags in some locations.

As I've kinda argued before, I hope the city takes it one step further and uses this relatively cheap asphalt curbing as a permanent or semi-permanent solution where reconfiguration is called for but money's not available for a full dig-up-the-streets-and-put-in-granite approach. (I proposed concrete parking curbs, but extruded asphalt curbing seems like a better solution.) One thing we'll learn is how well the curbing holds up to a winter's plowing.

Asphalt curbing, it's not just for trials anymore!

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