Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Owning the means of transportation

It occurred to me as I read this Globe article about a truck rollover on I-93, there is a big difference between the level of government accountability for transit incidents v. roadway incidents.

When the trolleys crashed on the D-Line, there was much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands about the MBTA's track record (pun intended). The Herald had a whole timeline of T incidents.

But, a truck crashes on the highway and there is rarely a recap of all the incidents on the highway and the accumulated lost time to travelers stuck, like those this morning, for hours. The media doesn't treat accidents on the highway as part of a connected story of problems because there is no connection among the motor vehicle operators involved in the crashes. The exception is when there is a common operator, as with the string of recent Fung Wa problems.

This discrepancy in treatment distorts the discussion.


susannah said...

I was thinking along those lines this morning, when I saw the story.

Another reason why the papers may not cover the story in the same level of depth is because it's such a common occurrence. It's rather like "traffic on I-93 from X to Y"...

Lyss said...

You make an interesting point