Monday, June 16, 2008

Wicked thoughtful

On the TAB blog, Gail Spector posted about a bit of political intrigue and a thoughtful discussion of parking policy broke out. Read the comments.


Adam Peller said...

It's official. The TAB admits it's not going to bother with journalistic standards anymore. Why bother.

Greg said...

Adam: You're free to say that. But if you are championing "journalistic standards" don't you think you should back it up by explaining why you feel that way?
-- Greg Reibman

Adam Peller said...

Greg, I was referring to Gail's comment about printing a "he said, she said" article. I find your paper increasingly hateful and vindictive, whether the facts are there to back it up or not. You have every right to print what you want, but I often feel you are hurting the city I love.