Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's in the bag?

Find out tomorrow (Monday, September 8) at 8:45. The mayor will remove the bag and reveal a historical first (sort of) for Newton.

The bagged sign is on the southbound side of Chestnut Street Walnut Street, just south of Homer. Please show your support for bicycle improvements and attend the ceremony. Bring your helmet and bike, if you can.

If you drive, probably easiest to park at the library.


Ald. Ken Parker said...


Chestnut St.? Do you mean Walnut? Thanks for your work on the B&P Task Force.


peter said...

Surprisingly, some people had expressed concern about widening the sidewalks. Dutton said Lucy and Leonard Cecere, who own a building at MacDougal and Houston Street, feared they'd have more snow to shovel in the winter, while Sean Sweeney, the Soho Alliance's director, thought wider sidewalks could become a "circus," attracting an influx of vendors and performers on top of the vendors who already congregate there under a deal with St. Anthony's Church.

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Steve Runge said...

It's a beautiful sign. I love it. I want to garland it with ribbons.