Monday, October 5, 2009

LWV Asks Candidates Livable Streets Question

The League of Women Voters has issued its three Voters Guide questions to candidates for aldermen. And, once again, it includes a Livable Streets question:

What measures would you promote to enhance walking and biking as alternative modes of transportation year round?

It's a virtual repeat of the 2007 question:

How would you encourage safe walking and bicycling in the city, especially during the winter?

The TAB published and NS&S graded the candidates' answers in 2007 (contested races and non-contested races).

Candidates, want to earn an A? Your answer must include:

  • Complete streets review before any road construction project. Such review leads to successes like Herrick and Union. Failing to do it leads to missed opportunities like Floral and Centre.
  • Defined goals for miles of streets with bike accommodations and recommendations for funding (striping isn't expensive, but it isn't free)
  • Commitment to sidewalk snow clearing ordinance in the next two years
  • Support for the Safe Routes to School programs in the elementary schools
  • Requirement of full bicycle and pedestrian access for all major new development
Read the top-graded answers from the last election.

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