Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nicole Freedman and StreetsFilms

Nifty film about the work that Nicole Freedman (and lots of others) are doing in Boston. Great line:

I always joke that if we never have an original idea and we plagiarize from all the other cities, we'll be very successful.

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pfurth said...

Nicole's comment about copying others is humble, but in fact, to advance the objective of serving mainstream bicyclists (those who are not traffic-tolerant), we need to innovate, because there are so few American examples to follow. Our Transportation Engineering program at Northeastern is bringing the city innovative ideas, and the city is responsive, so expect Boston to become a leader in this country. The Bicycle Priority Lanes showed at 0:18 (sharrows bracketed by dashed lines) are an innovation. They're in Brookline now (Longwood Ave), hopefully coming soon to Boston and other places in Brookline. The left side buffered bike lane on Comm Ave through the Mass Ave underpass, and left side lanes along the mall may not be the first left side lanes on a 2-way street with a median, but they're close. We're working on other innovations, too; stay tuned.

Peter Furth, Northeastern University